I began my life as the wife of a prisoner on September 27th, 2010. My husband was given a 10 year sentence. Several times during the last 25 months I have searched online for forums, blogs, groups or anything where I could find support from other prison wives. I have found a couple websites. One was Prison Talk and I have used that forum to find the answers to many questions I have had during this time, and while it is a great resource it just wasn’t what I kept searching for.

I want to read the stories of other wives. What struggles do they face? How do they deal with all of the extra responsibility? How do they handle nosy  friends and family members?

I have not been able to find anything like that so I thought I would start my own blog. Maybe this blog will help someone else. Even if no one else ever reads it though, at least it will be a way for me to release some of my stress and “talk” about some of the things that I need to get off of my chest that my friends and family may not understand.